Though many people may find Marijuana taboo, we believe legalizing it could be beneficial in several ways. Most importantly are thousands of people within the state that could benefit from its legalization for medical use. With conditions such as multiple sclerosis, certain cancers, Crohn's disease and seizure disorders, marijuana is known to help relieve pain more effectively (or with fewer side effects) than prescription pain medication. This is the primary reason the Bergeson/Cline campaign supports legalizing medical marijuana.

Though our administration's focus would be the legalization of medical marijuana, we also support legalization for recreational use. If taxed and regulated appropriately, legal recreational marijuana could help fill some of the budget shortfalls, as it has shown to bring in millions in tax revenue per year in states where it is currently legal.

We would like to use funds from the revenue from marijuana to fund a universal drug rehab program. We would also decriminalize most drugs to make sure people aren’t afraid of prosecution, so they can feel comfortable seeking help.

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  • Jack Bergeson
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