This is an issue that affects most Kansas, yet Topeka has not seriously addressed this issue in many years. One of the first acts of a Bergeson/Cline executive administration would be the overhaul of the Health Care system in Kansas. An attractive and reasonable option is the so called "Medicaid Buy-In" that was vetoed by Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval earlier this year, despite it's passage in the Nevada Legislature. This program, if adopted in Kansas, would have the state operate a low cost insurer alongside the Medicaid system, thus substantially lowering premiums for a majority of Kansans.

Though this is a viable short term solution, ultimately, a universal healthcare system will be necessary to ensure every US citizen has access to quality health care at little to no cost. We would be open to the possibility of a Kansas-run Single Payer system, but our conclusion is that it would be far more reasonable and efficient if such a program were run by the Federal Government.

We are supporters of a universal healthcare system for the nation. But that is something for the National government, and our comprise is temporary.