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Jack - you need contact information on this site!

We want to invite you to speak in Manhattan and there is no means to do so via this website. Contact me at

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Hooray for You!!!

So proud of you!!! Progressives look for solutions to the globe's problems rather than entrenching in positions dictated by special interests. Liberals are thinking people inspired by what can be rather than reacting to fear of diversity, of compromise, of change. Your generation is giving me hope. You made this old woman smile.

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gun control

I tried to send this question before but don't know if it went through. Has your position on gun control legislation changed in the wake of Parkland? you have a contact for press queries?

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Good Control

As with Vietnam it will take the youth of this country to effect action on gun control. Adults have clearly failed in keeping our nation safe in schools and elsewhere. Rallies, marches and pressure are needed. Young voters must stop their apathy by voting and running for office as Jack Bergeson is doing.

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If you are smart enough to find a loop hole in the system you are smart enough to run for govern. This is amazing to see you change the system. Keep up the work, our generation will change this country. Many people support you!!

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Love what you are doing! One suggestion...

When doing a search for "Jack Bergson" in google, the first result (currently) is the old It would be good to change the text that is currently there [WWW.JACKFORGOVERNOR.NATIONBUILDER.COM] to be a link to this site []. Searching for the other one just results in an error. Great to see what you guys are trying to achieve, keep up the good work!

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